Elan Foundation by Elan Group

Elan Foundation is non-profit organization founded with an aim to serve social welfare. Our foundation has taken great initiatives to provide them with the basic amenities by looking at the lower and working class's bad conditions. Our foundation was created in 2019 with the vision to benefit the lower class and bring them closer to privileged people's lives. The priority of the Elan Foundation is to erase the gap between the sections in society.

Get to know better about the Elan Foundation & Its Activities So Far

Some healthcare activities by Elan Foundation?

It is very important to get your health checked up often by reputable doctors. This will ensure you about your future and its effect on your body. Not everyone is sufficient enough to afford healthcare or visiting a hospital. Many low earning people suffer without getting checked up. Our foundation takes care of the people by providing them with the resources and people to Read More »

Initiatives are taken to control pollution

Due to the increasing population, the number of vehicles on the road has also increased greatly. There are other reasons as well, like more factories getting established that has contributed to increasing pollution. This has made people suffer from various respiratory problems. Our foundation has taken the initiative to control improving pollution in the environment. Read More »

Elan Foundation help the flooded areas

Human beings can control or try to control the things that are done by other human beings. When it comes to nature, it is impossible to prevent anything that is bound to happen. The aftereffect of any natural calamities has to be faced by the people. One of the most common and harsh natural effects is floods. The flood takes away every ounce of the things that have been Read More »

Partnered with Earth Saviours Foundation

Elan Foundation has joined its hands with Earth Saviours Foundation lead by Mr. Ravi Kalra who is one of India‚Äôs leading social activists and environmentalists. He aims to help the less privileged people. He adopted various people lying on Roads who have left their families due to health problems. Read More »



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