Elan The Mark Sector 106 Gurgaon

The Epitome of Luxury Retail on Dwarka Expressway Gurgaon, known as Gurugram, has emerged as a thriving city with a robust real estate market. Its proximity to Delhi and excellent infrastructure has become a prime destination for residential and commercial developments. Among the latest additions to Gurgaon's commercial landscape is Elan in Sector 106, an extraordinary project that promises to revolutionize the concept of luxury retail. Spread across 12 acres, Elan the Mark stands out as Dwarka Expressway's first luxury retail destination, offering businesses and shoppers a unique experience.


Elan The Mark - Commercial Project Highlights

Unparalleled Location and Connectivity
Elan enjoys a strategic location on Dwarka Expressway, NH8A. It is situated on a 4-side open plot, with the expressway on one side, a 60-meter road on the other side, and 24-meter roads on the remaining two sides. This prime location ensures high visibility, easy accessibility, and excellent connectivity to major parts of Gurgaon and Delhi. With its proximity to the international airport and other key commercial hubs, Elan The Mark offers an ideal location for thriving businesses.
Accompanied by a Luxurious 5-Star Hotel
What sets Elan the Mark apart from other commercial projects is its association with a sprawling 5-acre 5-star hotel. This unique combination of luxury retail and hospitality creates a vibrant atmosphere and enhances the overall experience for visitors. A high-end hotel within the project adds to the exclusivity and attracts a discerning clientele, ensuring steady footfall for the retail establishments.
Unveiling the Majestic Development by Elan Group
Elan The Mark is a visionary project by the renowned Elan Group, known for its commitment to excellence and innovation. With an investment of 10,000 crores, the project aims to redefine the standards of luxury retail in Gurgaon. The Elan Group's expertise and dedication to creating world-class developments make Elan The Mark a highly anticipated project in the city.
Diverse Retail Spaces to Cater to Every Business
It offers various retail spaces to suit various business requirements. The project comprises lower-ground and ground-floor retail spaces ranging from 800 to 1200 square feet, first-floor retail spaces ranging from 600 to 1000 square feet, and second-floor retail spaces ranging from 400 to 800 square feet. The third floor is dedicated to entertainment, cinemas, and food and beverage outlets, providing a comprehensive retail experience for visitors. The versatile layout options ensure businesses find the perfect space to showcase their products and services.

Elan The Mark - Commercial Project

Elan The Mark- Transparent Pricing and Payment Plans

**Offers attractive pricing options, making it an attractive investment opportunity for businesses. The price list for the different floors is as follows:

Floor Launch Price per sq. ft. Price After Inaugral Discount More Details
Lower Ground: 49,750/- psft 38,750/- psft
Ground: 49,750/- psft 38,750/- psft
First: 34,750/- psft 24,750/- psft
Third (food Court): 31,750/- psft 21,750/- psft

To further facilitate investment, provides flexible payment plans. Two popular payment plans are available:

12% Assured Return Plan:This plan requires a payment of 35% within 2 months, followed by another 35% on structure completion and the remaining 30% on possession.

NPV Discount Plan:With this plan, investors can avail of a 50% discount by paying 50% within 2 months and the remaining amount on possession.


Elan The Mark - Master plan and Construction layout

Elan The Mark understands the importance of visualizing the space before deciding. While the layout plans are yet to be released, the master plan has already been shared with prospective buyers. The master plan showcases the meticulous planning and attention to detail that has created this excellent retail destination. The project's sprawling 12-acre area includes 3 acres of open atrium, providing visitors with a spacious and inviting environment.

A Concept Like Never Before

Elan is more than just another commercial project; it represents a concept never witnessed in Gurgaon. The developers have collaborated with top architects, landscape planners, and master planners worldwide to ensure this project becomes a world-class market. The combination of luxury retail, a 5-star hotel, and the provision of being 4-side open on each road set it apart from other commercial developments in the area. The architects' vision and expertise will create an exceptional experience for retailers and customers.

A Paradigm Shift in Luxury Retail

Elan aims to redefine luxury retail on Dwarka Expressway and elevate the standards of commercial developments in Gurgaon. Its prime location, unmatched connectivity, luxurious hotel, and diverse retail spaces offer an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to thrive. The project's strategic planning, transparent pricing, and flexible payment plans make it an attractive investment option for entrepreneurs and investors seeking a lucrative venture.

Elan The Mark - The Perfect Blend of Commercial and Residential

Elan The Mark is part of a more significant development with a super luxury residential project spanning 30 acres. This blend of commercial and residential spaces creates a dynamic and vibrant community where residents can live, work, and enjoy world-class amenities all in one place. The proximity of the residential project ensures a captive customer base for the retail establishments, further enhancing the business potential for investors.

Unlock the Potential of Elan The Mark

With its innovative concept, prime location, and unparalleled amenities, Elan The Mark presents an exceptional opportunity for businesses and investors. Whether you want to establish a high-end retail outlet, expand your brand presence, or invest wisely, this project has it all. The grandeur, luxury, and exclusivity make it a promising destination for those who seek to be at the forefront of Gurgaon's commercial landscape

As the pre-launch opens and a glimpse of the site is shared, it is evident that Elan The Mark is set to redefine luxury retail and become a benchmark for commercial developments in Gurgaon. Take the chance to be a part of this iconic project that offers a concept never seen before. Unlock the potential and secure your place in the future of luxury retail on Dwarka Expressway.

Elan The Mark Sector 106 Gurgaon Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of property is Elan the Mark?

It is a luxury commercial project surrounded by a Residential area and a 5-star hotel

Where is Elan The Mark Located?

It is located on Dwarka Expressway, Sector 106, Gurugram

What are the Pricing & Payment Plans of Elan The Mark?

The prices start from Rs 25000/- Per Square Foot, subject to the availability of the floor.

What is the Project Status and Possession date of Elan The mark?

The project is under development, and possession is supposed to be delivered in 2024.



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